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Immunobiology (currently Offered Only Through Lps) Role Of Innate Immunity (fall) Molecular Mechanisms Of Infectious Disease Biology (spring) Cancer Cell Biology (fall In )
Molecular Genetics (fall) Biochemistry And Molecular Genetics Superlab (fall And Spring) Principles Of Drug Action (fall) Advanced Cell Biology (spring)
Cell Motility And The Cytoskeleton (fall) Cell Division And The Mitotic Spindle (spring Even) Molecular Physiology (fall) Systems Biologyintegrative Physiology And Biomechanics Of The Muscular System (spring)
Molecular Evolution Of Physiological Functions (fall Even) Developmental Biology (fall) Human Genetics And Genomics (spring Odd) Genome Science And Genomic Medicine (spring)
Genetics Of Adaptationhow Sex Conflict And Pathogens Shape Modern Genomes (spring) Introduction To Computational Biology And Biological Modeling (fall) Epigenetics (fall) The Rna Worlda Functional And Computational Analysis (spring Even)
Advanced Topics In Behavioral Genetics (spring Even) Human Evolutionary Genomics (spring Even) Genetic Systems (spring Odd) Marine Biology (not Offered Every Year)
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy And Evolution (spring) Field Botany (fall) Advanced Evolution (fall Odd) Theoretical Population Biology (spring)
Plant Systematics (not Offered Every Year) Animal Cognition (not Offered Every Year) Neural Circuits For Survival Biol Humans And The Environment (fall)
Advanced Ecology (not Offered Every Year) Freshwater Ecology (spring) Plant Ecology (not Offered Every Year) Introduction To Computatonal Biology And Biological Modeling (fall)
Statistics For Biologists (fall) Plant Physiology Through Space And Time (spring) Advanced Statistics (not Offered Every Year) Neural Systems And Behavior (spring)
Neural Circuits For Survival (spring) Microbial Diversity And Pathogenesis Lab (spring) Advanced Microbiology (not Offered Every Year) Introduction To Brain And Behavior (fall And Spring)
Clinical Independent Study Study Independent Study (fall And Spring) Advanced Independent Study (fall And Spring) Humans In The Microbial World (not Offered Every Year)
Descent With Modification (fall Even) Biology Of Human Disease (spring) The Biology Of Food (spring Odd) This Is Your Genome (freshman Seminar Fall)